One of the most recent developments in music entertainment has been the combining of electronic music production with live instrumentalists.  Digital music producers featuring solo artists are revolutionizing music not only in the recording studios, but also in live entertainment today.  The flexibility of these compact teams to perform any genre of music for any client, occasion, event or venue, have started a growing trend previously only seen in hot spots like Paris, London, Las Vegas, L.A. and San Francisco .


Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. Make it unique with a Live DJ and Saxophone Duo for a classy smooth jazz cocktail hour, your selection for those special moments like the bride and groom dance, professional emceeing of your event and a lively dance party everyone will remember.


We can further customize your entertainment by including other professional musicians like vocalists, violinists, guitarists and percussionists to suit your unique style. Let us make your wedding a truly amazing experience!

Our artists are a seasoned solo performers with dynamic stage presence and refined musicianship.  Teamed with state of the art music producers, the possibilities are endless.  Imagine the seamless transitions from classy dinner music of smooth jazz, acoustic guitar or violin, to a dance floor alive with popular dance music. The experience is unlike any other, making your event unforgettable.




Please let us know if we can learn a song for your special occasion.


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